Greenmotions Film Festival takes place every year in November in Freiburg im Breisgau since 2014. The festival has been screening movies about environment and sustainability. Apart from the film screenings, there have been different workshops, bicycle cinema at the event and also in the schools in Freiburg, bicycle disco as the opening party. In bicycle cinema or bicycle disco, the electricity for the projector and for the music is generated by the cyclers.

Greenmotion aims to create awareness, open the eyes of the audience and inspire to take action!

In our time, it is not enough anymore only to sustain the environment as it is by sustainable living. There is also a need to rebuild the destroyed ecosystems by human-based activities. Therefore, this year we have changed our motto as “Going Beyond Sustainability” to point out the need for regeneration of the planet in addition to sustainable living.

So come to our festival and let the solution-oriented, constructive movies inspire you!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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What a pity!

Dear friends of the Greenmotions Film Festival,  dear supporters,  dear partner organizations, What a pity! We will unfortunately cancel the 7th Greenmotions Film Festival planned for  November 2020 and postpone it until next year. Our

Call for entries 2020

Dear Filmmakers, We are again accepting inspiring, and motivating submissions related to sustainability and beyond. Greenmotions wants to open eyes, create awareness, and inspire action. During the festival week, short films (up to 20

The Greenmotions film festival featured on the videoblog of Haus des Engagement:

Together with the videoblog team of Haus des Engagements we decided to take the camera in our own hands more often and portray committed initiatives from Freiburg. In November 2019, the videoblog team visited


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Film Competition

Dear Filmmakers!

Thank you very much for the inspiring submissions! We have received more than 200 submissions and are in the process of watching your works.

However, we bring unfortunate news for the 7th Greenmotions Film Festival scheduled in November. As much as we would have loved to showcase your works this year, we would have to postpone until next year due to the cancellation of the festival.

Respectfully, the competition will also be postponed until next year in which the terms and conditions remain the same and all submitted films for the 7th edition will automatically participate in the 2021 selection.

All filmmakers with whom have taken part in our competition will be contacted by email shortly and will be kept updated. In the upcoming months, we have in planning an individual feature film screening as well as bicycle cinema screenings in schools, in which selected short films will be played. In any case, you will be contacted personally.

We will publish the date of the next festival on our website and social media channels as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at the following addresses:
films@greenmotions-filmfestival.de  for the feature movies
competition@greenmotions-filmfestival.de for the short movies

Thank you for your understanding!

About us

In 2014 the Greenstorming Film Festival was first organized by students as part of their Master’s Program in Renewable Energy Management at the University of Freiburg. Greenmotions Film Festival is now organized by a mix of film makers, artists and volunteers who founded the nonprofit association Greenmotions e.V. (articles). The name Greenmotions is registered as trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Our vision is:

A healthy world with vital people who feel interconnectedness among all living beings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

Our mission and strategy is:

  • Inspiring people to rethink their own behavior towards themselves, towards others and towards the world by showing eye-opening and solution-oriented movies.
  • Encouraging people to live the transformation, by initiating discussions and exchange among the audience and offering possibilities to get active with local initiatives.

For a more indepth view of the team take a look at our Bios Page!

Most of us work on a voluntary basis. If you would like to join the team, help planning, networking, organizing, get in touch with us:

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Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters!

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