Greenmotions Film Festival takes place every year in November in Freiburg im Breisgau since 2014. The festival has been screening movies about environment and sustainability. Apart from the film screenings, there have been different workshops, bicycle cinema at the event and also in the schools in Freiburg, bicycle disco as the opening party. In bicycle cinema or bicycle disco, the electricity for the projector and for the music is generated by the cyclers.

Greenmotion aims to create awareness, open the eyes of the audience and inspire to take action!

In our time, it is not enough anymore only to sustain the environment as it is by sustainable living. There is also a need to rebuild the destroyed ecosystems by human-based activities. Therefore, this year we have changed our motto as “Going Beyond Sustainability” to point out the need for regeneration of the planet in addition to sustainable living.

So come to our festival and let the solution-oriented, constructive movies inspire you!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Premiere of DYSTOPIA UTOPIA – Live Cinema Performance

Step into a beautiful and jarring cinematographic soundscape in this terrifying and encouraging experimental, visual, post-rock experience. Mirroring alternative states of the human condition and its consequences, Die! Goldstein offers a harsh but hopeful

Global Ecovillage Network – Workshop at the 6th Greenmotions Filmfestival

In the frame of the 6th Greenmotions Filmfestival the Global Ecovillage Network will offer a workshop about their community. The network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to

First screening in Freiburg: Bertram Verhaag’s new film “Aus Liebe zum Überleben”.

Is there a way for agriculture without pesticides and monoculture? After his films "The Farmer and his Prince" and "Code of Survival" Bertram Verhaag embarks on a journey with his latest film portraying the


Program 2019 pdf version

Greenmotions Program 2019

Tickets for film events can be reserved at the Kommunales Kino. Pay After system: You pay after the event as much as it was worth to you.

Friday November 8th

Time Event Language Description
8:00 – 13:00 Bicycle cinema at Goethe Gymnasium German *only for pupils of Goethe Gymnasium

Saturday November 9th

Time Event Language Description
21:00 – 5:00 Bicycle-disco in Freizeichen (Artik e.V.) Videoperformance by Die!Goldstein and electronic music by Kopfkino

Thursday November 14th

Time Program Duration Language Subtitles Director Extras
18:00 Opening Ceremony 30 min German
Opening Film: Ozone Hole: How we saved the planet 56 min English Jamie Lochhead Video-interview with Jamie Lochhead
20:30 Special Topic Film: “Green Growth or De-growth?” System Error 93 min German/
German Florian Opitz

Friday November 15th

Time Program Duration Language Subtitles Director Extras
17:00 Special Topic Film: “Green Growth or De-growth?” Global Thermostat 53 min English /
French /
English Arthur Rifflet Film discussion with Arthur Rifflet
18:30 Special Topic Film: “Green Growth or De-growth?” Die Zeit, die Erde und Wir 80 min French /
German /
German Annina Luginbühl und Thibaut Ras Film discussion with Annina Luginbühl and Thibaut Ras
21:00 Film: Die rote Linie – Widerstand im Hambacher Forst 115 min German English Karin de Miguel Wessendorf & Valentin Thurn Film discussion with Karin de Miguel Wessendorf

Saturday November 16th

Time Program Duration Language Subtitles Director Extras
10:30 “Coole Suppe” – Animated film workshop Until 15h German Sarah Moll *For teenagers
The created film about food culture will be shown on the “Coole Suppe” film festival.
16:00 Panel discussion on Special Topic: “Green growth or degrowth?” approx.
90 min
German Guests: Nina Treu & Linda Bergset
Moderator: Gerolf Hanke
19:00 Film: The Woman who loves giraffes 83 min English Alison Reid Video-interview with Anne Dagg (Protagonist) and Alison Reid (Director)
21:00 Film: Microplastic Madness 87 min English German Atsuko Quirk & Debbie Lee Cohen Film discussion with Debbie Lee Cohen

Sunday November 17th

Time Program Duration Language Subtitles Director Extras
11:00 Workshop: Global Eco Village Network 4 hours German and English Sonja-Vera Schmitt, Elisabeth Schrag The Global Eco Village Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to a regenerative future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity.
16:30 Kids program film: Ziemlich wilde Rinder 52 min German Herbert Ostwald Film discussion with Herbert Ostwald
19:00 International short film competition approx. 90min Diverse *Includes jury decision
20:30 Prize ceremony approx.
60 min
German and English
21:30 Afterparty with live music

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Film Competition

Dear Filmmaker!

The next submission period for our international film competition will start in March 2020. Sign up for our Newsletter and you will be updated.

Short films (up to 20 minutes) from our international short film competition and selected documentaries (20-120 minutes) will be shown on the festival weekend. We award the best short film, the best film with the special topic and the audience favorite. Furthermore, we also screen movies as bicycle cinema in Freiburg schools where kids and teachers paddle their bikes to produce the electricity for the projector.

We are screening solution-oriented, constructive and positive films related to sustainability and environment from all around the world. Topics may include recycling, agriculturetransition, energy, greenbusiness, greendesign, mobility, sustainable cities, consumption, biodiversity, tourism, health, society, mindfulness or climate change.

We are looking forward to your inspiring, positive and solution oriented movies!

Our jury:

The International Short Movies competition 

The Award for the special topic!

Before you submit your films, please read our Terms and Conditions. Submissions via our website are free. No confirmation email will be sent.

We accept movies that have been completed in 2019 or 2020. You can also submit work in progress.

If you have any question regarding the submission send your request to:
films@greenmotions-filmfestival.de  for the feature movies
competition@greenmotions-filmfestival.de for the short movies

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About us

In 2014 the Greenstorming Film Festival was first organized by students as part of their Master’s Program in Renewable Energy Management at the University of Freiburg. Greenmotions Film Festival is now organized by a mix of film makers, artists and volunteers who founded the nonprofit association Greenmotions e.V. (articles). The name Greenmotions is registered as trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Our vision is:

A healthy world with vital people who feel interconnectedness among all living beings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

Our mission and strategy is:

  • Inspiring people to rethink their own behavior towards themselves, towards others and towards the world by showing eye-opening and solution-oriented movies.
  • Encouraging people to live the transformation, by initiating discussions and exchange among the audience and offering possibilities to get active with local initiatives.

For a more indepth view of the team take a look at our Bios Page!

Most of us work on a voluntary basis. If you would like to join the team, help planning, networking, organizing, get in touch with us:

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