09.11.2022 – 13.11.2022

The Greenmotions Film Festival has taken place annually in November in Freiburg im Breisgau since 2014. We mainly show films on the subject of environment and sustainability, but in recent years we have increasingly devoted ourselves to other topics such as awareness, mindfulness, psychology, sociology, art and feminism. We offer various solution-oriented and empowering long and short films, workshops, film talks and networking opportunities. 

Greenmotions wants to open eyes, create awareness, move and inspire action!

In addition to the main topic “Beyond Sustainability”, we decided for this year’s edition on the special topicWomen – Activism – Environment.  You can find more information on this and on our film competition in our Call for Entries.

Come in large numbers and let yourself be inspired by the solution-oriented and constructive film screenings!

We look forward to you!

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The 8th Greenmotions Film Festival – thanks for joining us in this great weekend!

From 9th to 13th November, the 8th edition of the Greenmotions Film Festival took place at the municipal cinema at the Alter Wiehrebahnhof in Freiburg this year. We showed inspiring films covering different topics

The winners of the 8th Greenmotions Film Festival are …

This year our juries and the audience awarded 4 film prizes on Sunday 13.11.2022 at our award ceremony which followed  our short film evening. Congratulations to Arjan Brentjes for the short film award for his

Activism or how do we act collectively for social change?

Today's societal challenges are enormous. We are confronted on a daily basis with discrimination and injustice: climate and migration injustice, gender inequality, difficulties in accessing social rights and poverty, war and violence, exploitation



Screenings will take place at Kommunales Kino, Urachstraße 40, 79102 Freiburg. Reservations can be done if you click on the title of the movie in the program table.

Since the foundation of Greenmotions Film Festival, we have been using the Pay-After System, through which the audience can decide voluntarily whether and how much they want to contribute to the event after participating. As long as we are a festival which intends to raise awareness of sustainability topics, we aim for inclusivity and fairness. We decided to adopt this system to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the festival, including people with limited financial possibilities.

Wednesday 9. November

Start Venue
Filmmaker Duration Language Year / Land
18:00 Montagne di Plastica (Plastic Mountains) Manuel Camia 40min Italian, engl. subtitles 2020 I

Opening Ceremony

20:15 La quête du silence (Quest for silence)

Julien Guéraud 52min French, engl. subtitles 2021 F

Thursday 10. November


The unpredictable factor

Filmdiscussion with Bonina Mußmann, Christian Belz and Sebastian Lindlar
Christian Belz 51 min german + english, german subtitles 2022 D

The Mushroom speaks

Videointerview with Marion Neumann
Marion Neumann 90 min english, german, japanese and english, german, french subtitles 2021 CH

Friday 11. November


O Jardineiro da Floresta (The Forest Gardener)

Video – Discussion with Prof.Dr. Fabiano Rodrigues de Melo, Biologist and member of the Muriqui Biodiversity Institute

Bárbara Cal


Portuguese, engl. subtitles

2022 BR


Descarte (Discart)

Videointerview with Leonardo Brant
Leonardo Brant 52min Portuguese, engl.subtitles 2021 BR

Tornar a començar (Begin Again)

“Women – Activism – Environment”
Filmdiscussion with Anna Cabré Albós
Anna Cabré Albós, Isaac Liupiañez Fontanet 52min Catalan, engl. subtitles 2021 SP

The Ants and the Grasshopper

“Women – Activism – Environment”
Videointerview with Raj Patel
Raj PatelZak Piper 74min Chichewa, engl subtitles 2021 USA

Saturday 12. November

13:00 Workshop Leonie Meder (StadtWandler Freiburg) and Laure Kervyn (Greenmotions) 120min English, German  


Videointerview with Antonio Spano
Antonio Spano 71min French, Swahili, engl. subtitles 2021 BEL

Tarcila: Indigenous Solutions to Climate Change from Peru

Mama Irene – Healer of the Andes

“Women – Activism – Environment”
Videointerview with Elisabeth Möhlmann &
Bettina Ehrhardt

Sarah Kuck

Elisabeth Möhlmann &
Bettina Ehrhardt



Spanish, engl. subtitles

English, Quechua, Spanish, engl. subtitles

2020 USA

2020 USA


Oro Rojo (Red Gold)

“Women – Activism – Environment”

La Lucha Sigue (The Struggle Continues)

Carme Gomila

Sam Vinal



Spanish, Arabic, engl. subtitles

Spanish, engl. subtitles

2022 SP

2020 HND

Sunday 13. November


Matineé with Foodsharing Buffet starting at 10:30 am

11:15 am: Die Stangenbohnen Partei (The Stringbean Party) 

anschließend Filmdiskussion mit Paddy Schmitt
Paddy Schmitt 90min German 2022 D

Living in a Postcard

Videointerview with Christian Nicoletta
Christian Nicoletta 52min Italian, Catalan,
English, Spanish
, engl. subtitles
2021 I
16:00 Aya Simon Coulibaly Gillard 90min Avikam, engl. subtitles 2021 BEL, F
19:00 International Short Film Competition Review of the Jury ca 90min German, English  
20:30 Award Ceremony   ca 60min German, English  
21:30 Afterparty and Live Musik Pedro Bortoluzzi (voice and guitar) and Marc Noller (percussion)   Brazilian Music  


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Film Competition

Dear Filmmakers!

Greenmotions inspires and encourages people to take active participation in the transition towards a regenerative culture in which humanity harmonises with the rest of the natural world.

For a lot of us there seems to be a gap between this vision and the reality of our daily lives. And that’s where your films come in.
We screen solution-oriented, constructive and empowering films dealing with the environment and beyond: consciousness | mindfulness | psychology | sociology | art.

Along with the inspiring feature and short films under the general theme ‘Beyond sustainability’, we have a yearly prize for the special topic:

2022 TOPIC: ‘Women – Activism – Environment


Selected inspiring documentaries/feature films (20-120 minutes) and the special topic ‘Women – Activism – Environment’ will be screened at the festival along with the best short films (up to 20 minutes) from our international short film competition. Furthermore, bicycle cinemas will be organised in schools where the students will provide power to run the projector for the films by paddling their bikes as well as a bicycle-powered opening techno party.


  • Positive, solution-oriented films about sustainability, environment and beyond
  • Short films: up to 20 minutes, long feature movies: 20-120 minutes
  • Deadline for submission: June, 30th 2022
  • All genres related to the theme are accepted
  • Completed after 31st December 2019
  • Language: German or English, other languages must have English or German subtitles

You can submit via the platform filmfreeway (submission fee 2$) or through this form. (free).

By submitting your work you agree to our Terms of Conditions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at the following addresses:  for the feature movies for the short movies

About us

In 2014 the Greenstorming Film Festival was first organized by students as part of their Master’s Program in Renewable Energy Management at the University of Freiburg. Greenmotions Film Festival is now organized by a mix of film makers, artists and volunteers who founded the nonprofit association Greenmotions e.V. (articles). The name Greenmotions is registered as trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Our vision is:

A healthy world with vital people who feel interconnectedness among all living beings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

Our mission and strategy is:

  • Inspiring people to rethink their own behavior towards themselves, towards others and towards the world by showing eye-opening and solution-oriented movies.
  • Encouraging people to live the transformation, by initiating discussions and exchange among the audience and offering possibilities to get active with local initiatives.

For a more indepth view of the team take a look at our Bios Page!

Most of us work on a voluntary basis. If you would like to join the team, help planning, networking, organizing, get in touch with us:

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