The winners are …

On Sunday, 14.11.2021 the Juries announced 3 film prizes for this year’s Festival during the short film evening and award ceremony. For the prize winners will receive an amount of 1000€ each and also a trophy. The trophy is a small glass garden with plants from Tiny Gardens engraved with Greenmotions Filmfestival laurel.

Congratulations to Shervin Hess for the Short Film Award for his stop motion animation “Gajah Borneo”. The short film can be viewed here.

The film “One Word” by Viviana Uronia received the Special Topic Award for this year’s theme “Our Water”. The website about the film can be found here.

The audience voted for Marc Pierschel’s “Butenland” as their favorite and thus won the Audience Award! The documentary about Hof Butenland can be seen at black rabbit images on DVD or via stream.

The prize money was supported by the Ökostation, Eco Foundation for Climate and Environment (Ecotrinova) and Greenmotions itself.

The Greenmotions team applauds the filmmakers and congratulates them!

Photo: Stefan Hipp