It was grand! – The 6thGreenmotions Film Festival 

The Festival celebrates its 6thtime hosting over 1300 people at various locations in Freiburg with several inspiring films, live video discussions and interviews, a workshop, bicycle cinemas, and the annual bicycle disco.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone that participated in creating this fulfilling weekend.

For 3 years now, the Greenmotions Film Festival has started off with a preview of the short film competition at the bicycle cinema in Freiburger schools. The bicycle cinema is organized with our partner Solare Zukunft e.V. and took place in the Goethe Gymnasium and the Staudinger Gesamtschule. Students from the 5thtill the 8thclass pedaled passionately to produce an energy-autonomous cinema in the classroom and watched in total 5 short films. After collecting the student’s votes, the short film ‘Big Oil’ won first place.

The annual opening party at FREIZEICHEN was accompanied this year with a deeply moving and contemplative live cinema performance by Die! Goldstein. The event was also the Freiburger premiere of his intense performance “DYSTOPIA/UTOPIA”. Afterward, the room was full of dancing and moving to the sounds of Kopfkino Freiburg. As always, the guests produced the electricity for the party with the bicycle disco technology from Solare Zukunft e.V.


A week later the festival opened its doors at the Kommunales Kino with the film “Ozone Hole: How we saved the planet” and an exciting video interview with filmmaker Jamie Lochhead.

The second movie of the night “SYSTEM ERROR, How does capitalism end?” was very well attended. The filmmaker Florian Opitz attended the screening in person. Further screening of the movie was screened at the Kommunales Kino on the 8thof December.

For the first time this year, we had an expert panel discussion. Nina Teu (l.) and Ulrich Martin Drescher (r.) discussed this year’s special topic “Green Growth or Degrowth?”. The event was moderated by Gerolf Hanke on Saturday afternoon. We are pleased that the conversation was so well received.

The video interview with 83-year-old protagonist Anne Dagg from “The Woman who loves giraffes and filmmaker Alison Reid remains unforgettable. It was a lot of fun and deeply moving for all of us.

Later in the evening, everything revolved around plastic: The French-German band Zweierpasch premiered their new music video ‘Plastique de Réve’ and also attended the rest of the evening. Filmmaker Debby Lee Cohen traveled from Switzerland with her ten-member family to screen the film “MICROPLASTIC MADNESS”. The event was also the opening of the European Week of Waste Reduction in Freiburg.

On Sunday evening, our short film jury consisting of Carolin Salvamoser, Bernward Janzig, and Sigrid Faltin presented the most beautiful short films from the international competition. At the subsequent award ceremony, 3 films were honored and the winners received a fair trade solar lantern from Sonnenglas. More information about the films can be found here.

The festival guests and the Greenmotions team happily celebrated the end of this colorful festival week with jazzy and Bossa Nova sounds by Noémie and Thomas.