Greenmotions Film Festival takes place every year in November in Freiburg im Breisgau since 2014. The festival has been screening movies about environment and sustainability. Apart from the film screenings, there have been different workshops, bicycle cinema at the event and also in the schools in Freiburg, bicycle disco as the opening party. In bicycle cinema or bicycle disco, the electricity for the projector and for the music is generated by the cyclers.

Greenmotion aims to create awareness, open the eyes of the audience and inspire to take action!

In our time, it is not enough anymore only to sustain the environment as it is by sustainable living. There is also a need to rebuild the destroyed ecosystems by human-based activities. Therefore, this year we have changed our motto as “Going Beyond Sustainability” to point out the need for regeneration of the planet in addition to sustainable living.

So come to our festival and let the solution-oriented, constructive movies inspire you!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Greenmotions on the run for the participatory budget of the City of Freiburg!

Basic funding for the greenest film festival in Freiburg: GREENMOTIONS We have applied for municipal funding from the city of Freiburg in order to obtain financial support for our future work and build solid

Looking back to the festival 2018

This year for the fifth time with many insipiring films, live discussions and skype calls with film makers, bicycle-cinemas and a bicycle-disco, Greenmotions Film Festival hosted  1870 people in different locations in Freiburg. We

Bicycle Energy@ Greenmotions Filmfestival Freiburg

This year in November, as a part of Greenmotions Filmfestival once again several energy from bicycle events took place with the cooperation of KLAK/Solare Zukunft e.V. It started with the events in two schools.


Unless noted, all the screenings take place at the Kommunales Kino (KoKi) in Urachstraße 40, 79102 Freiburg.

Click at the film’s name to get more information about it.

Do not miss the chance to watch the movie you are interested in! Reserve your tickets at the KoKi website!

or call the number  0761 – 459800-22.

We decided to adopt a Pay-After System to give the possibility to everybody to contribute as they can! Therefore the prices showed on the Koki website are not applied to our festival.

Here you can have a look at our Programme! come and get inspired!

Thursday 15th of November

Start Film/Presentation Filmmaker Lenght Language Year / Country
18:00 Opening Film: Zeit für Utopien

Skype interview with filmmaker

Kurt Langbein 1:36 multilingual, german subtitles 2018 Germany
21:00 Free Lunch Society Christian Tod 1:35 German + English,

german subtitles

2017 Austria

Friday 16th of November

17:00 Millenials in Motion: Shortfilm Block
Gracie, Disobedient!, Abenteuer Schwarzwald: Unterwasserweltencamp, Back to the roots Landwirtschaft
Gracie White Eagle & Cathy Cain, Luciano Ibarra & Silvain Darou, Daniel Bichsel, Stefan Haberbosch 50 min English and German USA, Freiburg and Austria
19:00 Millenials in Motion: Activism
Don’t frack with Denton Skype interview with filmmaker
Garrett Graham 57 min English 2017 USA
20.30 Millenials in Motion: Mindfulness

Das stille Leuchten – Die Wiedereroberung der Gegenwart

Film discussion with Anja Krug-Metzinger

Anja Krug-Metzinger 1:28 German, english subtitles 2018 Germany
from 22:00 Afterparty in Freizeichen Bicycle disco Music from Kopfkino Freizeichen (Artik)

Saturday 17th of November

13:00 Saving the dark Sriram Murali 55 english 2018 USA
15:00 SunGanges

Skype interview with Valli Bindana

Valli Bindana 1:00 Hindi, english subtitles 2017 India
17:00 Energy Pioneers

Conversation with the filmmaker

Samuel Stefan 1:13 multilingual, german subtitles 2018 Switzerland
19:00 Living the change

Antoinette Wilson in Skype interview

Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson 1:25 English, german subtitles 2018 NZ
21:00 The Reluctant Radical

German premiere

Lindsey Grazel in Skype interview

Lindsey Grazel 1:17 English, german subtitles 2017 USA

Sunday 18th of November

11:00 The end of meat

Takes place as Bicycle cinema in the katholische Akademie

Marc Pierschel 1:35 German + English, german subtitles 2017 Germany
13:00 Im Abseits von Green City: Die Bauern vom Dietenbach und das Wohnen

Conversation with the filmmaker

Bodo Kaiser & Georg Löser 49 min German 2018 Freiburg
14:30 Ernten was man sät & 60 Seasons

Christian Beyer as guest, Jeanette Breward in Skype interview

Christian Beyer, Jeanette Breward 1:13
  1. Film: German, english subtitles
  2. Film: english
2017 Germany, 2017 Canada
16:00 Kamtchatka Bears. Life begins Vladislav Grishin& Irina Zhuravleva 52 min Silent film 2018 Russia
17:30 Klimakiller Holzkohle

Conversation with the filmmaker

Vivienne Pieper & Johannes Bünger 43 min German, english subtitles 2017 Germany
19:00 Short film competition Finalists of the international short film competition Various
20:30 Award ceremony and concert

Download the Program brochure:

Program Brochure 2018

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Film Competition

Dear FIlmmaker!

Our submission period for this year’s festival is over.  The submission period for next year’ s festival will start in spring 2019.

Short films from our international short film competition and selected documentaries will be shown on the festival weekend.
We have different prizes, this year including the special award for “Millenials in Motion”. We want to show our audience what today’s youth thinks about climate change and its consequences, as well as their creative solutions for sustainability.

We are proud to introduce you our Jury for:

The International Short Movies competition 

the Jury Award for the Feature Movies!

The “Millenials in Motions” award is assigned by the Members of our Team

The Audience Award by our public!

For a total of 4000 Euros prizes for our winners!

Before you submit your films, please read our Terms and Conditions. Submissions via our website are free.

If you have any question regarding the submission send your request to:
films@greenmotions-filmfestival.de  for the feature movies
competition@greenmotions-fimlfestival.de for the short movies

Submission via Website
Submission via Reelport
Submission via Filmfreeway
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About us

In 2014 the Greenstorming Film Festival was first organized by students as part of their Master’s Program in Renewable Energy Management at the University of Freiburg. Greenmotions Film Festival is now organized by a mix of film makers, artists and volunteers who founded the nonprofit association Greenmotions e.V. (articles). The name Greenmotions is registered as trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Our vision is:

A healthy world with vital people who feel interconnectedness among all living beings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

Our mission and strategy is:

  • Inspiring people to rethink their own behavior towards themselves, towards others and towards the world by showing eye-opening and solution-oriented movies.
  • Encouraging people to live the transformation, by initiating discussions and exchange among the audience and offering possibilities to get active with local initiatives.

For a more indepth view of the team take a look at our Bios Page!

Most of us work on a voluntary basis. If you would like to join the team, help planning, networking, organizing, get in touch with us:

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