Submit now and win our special prize “Millennials in Motion”

This year our special prize will revolve around the “Millennials”(born between early 1980s and later) that have grown up constantly connected to the world on a global scale (through digital technology, social media and economic globalisation) and their relationship with the ongoing challenges facing humanity with a focus on climate change and environmental issues.

As a way to open a window into this paradigm, 2018’s special prize will be awarded to films that visually and cinematically explore questions such as:

-How do Millennials view society, our changing planet and our current economic system?

-How are they engaging themselves within the ongoing situation? Are they engaged or detached?

-How are they utilising new tools like social media to CONNECT and ACT?

-How are Millennials dealing with what is required from them emotionally, mentally,  and within communities?

Potential topics are: Energy, consumption, media, inspiring transition (social and environmental), community, water.

If you want to submit a film in this category please continue reading here. You will find all relevant information on how and where to submit.