Greenstorming goes Greenmotions

Greenstorming Filmfestival 2014 goes on – but with a new name

2014 over 20 students of the “MSc Renewable Energy Management” at University of Freiburg organized the Greenstorming Filmfestival as part of their study programme. The Energy Transition and sustainability was the natural theme of this festival with the aim to create a deep understanding and commitment for action and consciousness around these issues. Screening inspiring documentations and filmproduction and a selection of short film engaged many people at the three day event.

Shortly after this successful event it was clear, that this event should be continued. As a sign of it’s success the organizers won the third prize of the climate protection award by the city of Freiburg. A group of artists, filmmakers and professionals from the field of sustainability formed in April committed to organize the filmfestival in autumn 2015.

We proudly present this festival with a new name: Greenmotions Film Festival 2015 😉

Take part in this world wide movement towards a sustainable future! Enjoy exciting films, discussions and more at the Greenmotions Filmfestival 2015!

Save the date: 13th-15th November 2015.