Greenmotions short films series at the summer festival in Haus des Engagements

We are celebrating our move to the Rehlingstraße 9 at the HdE Summer Festival and cordially invite you to join us on Friday the 28th of June 2019 from 3 – 10 pm. At 6:30 pm we will be presenting the short film highlights of the past years. Allow yourself to be surprised!

Together with the people of Haus des Engagements, we have tailored a colorful program:

* From 3 pm onwards: live music from bands (QULT, Take Four, Heirs to the Wild, Michael Morrissey, Dudes ‘n’ Don’ts), culinary delights from around the world, information booths and initiatives and guided tours of the HdE.
* 4 pm: Painting workshop (Fabiano, DonaFlor e.V.)
* 5pm: Hip Hop / Streetdance Show (Stadtpiraten)
* 6 pm: Graffiti Workshop (Stadtpiraten)
* 6:30 pm: Short Films (Greenmotions Filmfestival)
* 8 pm: Poetry Slam “Shaping the Future” (Ansgar)

Our summer festival is rooted in the youth conference of the project “Together, now!” and the ‘Freiburg stimmt ein’ music festival in Freiburg, which takes place on the same weekend!