KLAK Bicycle Cinema at the Agrikultur Festival on 21 July 2018: Screening of “Wastecooking” in Co-operation with Greenmotions e.V.

The KLAK-Fahrradkino is touring Germany this summer and will be coming to Freiburg in the context of the Agrikulturfestival at Escholzpark on 21 July 2018. Bring your bicycle and produce the electricity for your cinema experience together!

You can look forward to an exciting film selection: from 9 p.m. KLAK will be presenting a collection of short films (Klimakurzfilme) of the Bicycle Cinema tour on consumption, energy, and mobility. At 10 p.m. Greenmotions, in co-operation with KLAK, will be showing the film “Wastecooking – Cooking What Others Waste” by Georg Misch!

“Wastecooking” is an entertaining road movie, in which David Groß, a food activist and cook, travels through five European countries to recycle all that which would be wasted in our fridge. Equipped with lots of ideas, David uses his cooking as a means of creative resistance against the waste of food in our societies and looks for innovative solutions to the problem. Click here to watch the trailer!

The entire programme of the Bicycle Cinema at the Agrikultur festival:

BICYCLE CINEMA – Saturday, 21 Juli, from 9 p. m.
// 9 p. m. KLAK short films on consumption, energy, and mobility
// 10 p. m. “Wastecooking – Cooking What Others Waste” (Georg Misch | Austria 2015 | 82 mins | German) in co-operation with Greenmotions e.V.
Feel free to bring your own bicycles to connect them to our generator!!!

Sunday, 22 July, from 10.30 a. m.
// Information on the Bicycle Cinema tour
// KLAK Bicycle Cinema Upcycling – craft your own key chains from bicycle tubes
// PAINT – the bicycle of your dreams and win the book “DAS GROSSE FAHRRAD-FEST” (the Great Bicycle Party)!
// Screenprinting

WHERE: Eschholzpark in Freiburg
Click here to go to the Fahrradkino Facebook-Event.