When the Ganges riverbed dries up in the Himalayas due to intensified damming, curious 6yr old Anu who has been hearing wonderful mythological stories about the river, asks “if the river is not there, why read stories about it?” Mom Valli decides to get some answers. And so they pack their bags and with brother Marthand set out on an adventure across the vast Indian landscape filming the social and environmental (specifically water) impact of big energy projects – hydro and coal and witness the rise of solar and wind.

A wild and intense ride, SuryaGanga continuously dives right into the heart of matters taking along dam officials, affected tribals & locals, researchers, geologists, professors, entrepreneurs & doctors some who prefer to remain anonymous. In the process of filming, the makers meet actor Naseeruddin Shah who adds a dubious yet not entirely unfamiliar dimension to the subject.

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