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Dear filmmakers,

we have officially opened our platforms for YOUR submissions! We are excited to see solution-oriented, constructive und inspiring work on topics relating to our world today and going beyond sustainability. Surprise us with your ideas as well as your creativity and don’t forget to submit your films before the 30th of June 2019!

Through your films we aim to inspire others to become active change makers creating a world of harmony between man and nature. We are open to films portraying all aspects of human life.

For us that includes a broad spectrum from recycling, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, conservation, consumption and climate change all the way to health, mindfulness, activism and post growth.

In total there are 3 prizes. Each represents the equivalent of 1000 € for the following:

  1. Audience Award
  2. Best Short Film Award selected by an external jury
  3. Special topic Award selected by an external jury

This year’s special topic highlights the discussion surrounding the topic „Green Growth or De-Growth“?

Is greening the economy through technological advancements without disturbing the current cultural structures going to save mankind? Or do we need to have a deeper structural change by changing the direction of economic growth?

We look forward to your perspectives and input. Your submission may focus on either one or both paradigms.

Our competition summed up:

  • Positive, solution-oriented films relating to sustainability
  • Short films: Up to 20 min; Long films: 20 – 120 min
  • Deadline for submissions: 30th of June 2019
  • Releases after 31.12.2017 “work in progress” are allowed
  • Awards: Total of 3000 € (Audience Award, Best Short Film Award, Special Topic Award) 

When submitting your film kindly agree to our terms and conditions here.

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