The Greenmotions Filmfestival 2018 is looking for supporters!

The Greenmotions Filmfestival is alive! Be part of the movement! Films inform, polarize and stimulate discussion. The Greenmotions Filmfestival presents films on Renewable Energies and a sustainable lifestyle.

Are your company’s goals also to ensure a cleaner and fairer energy supply in Germany and worldwide? Do you believe in transformation through information?

We believe that films can make a great contribution to raise awareness, leading to a more sustainable thinking and to take action. In addition to the long films shown and the short film contest there will also be a colorful supporting program with workshops and much more.

What do we have to offer? A whole lot. 🙂

Film program – Sponsoring

You can sponsor individual films. The price per movie varies according to the number of viewers to be expected.

The opening performance as well as the evening performances are usually very well attended with about 80-120 people. At the afternoon, an average of 50 visitors can be expected.

Depending on the scope of the promotion, the company logo and the company sector are integrated into the program. Read here our detailed sponsoring offer:

Greenmotions Sponsoring Offer

Prize – Sponsoring

Both for a short film as well as a long film are awarded with 1,000 EUR as the prize for the best film. In addition, there is a special prize for “Sustainable Mobility” this year.

  • Logo on website and link to the film website.
  • Mention on the context of the award.
  • Mention on our website in the category of Film Competition.
  • Prize handoff.
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