Lars Westermann visits Koki: Samsø – The Community of Electricity

On the 15th of June at 14.30 we will be screening the movie “Samsø – The Community of Electricity” at the Kommunales Kino (KoKi) in Freiburg. The event is a cooperation with the ‘Haus des Engagements’ and ‘Freiburg stimmt ein’. The film was produced by Lars Westermann for the documentary series ‘Islands of the Future.’ The teacher and science journalist will lead a workshop on “Transition” following the 55-minute film. The event is the prelude to the youth conference of the ‘Freiburg stimmt ein‘ festival on June 28th

Samsø – the movie:

Far away from the mainland and the metropolises, the islanders always had to search for ways to survive in a limited space and with scarce resources. Through their history and mentality they have become well equipped to master the transition to a new energy future. The island is a laboratory of hope that shows the rest of the world what and how climate protection is done!

The residents of the Danish island of Samsø reached the consensus to end their use of fossil and nuclear energy. Instead, they want to use the sun, wind and waves to generate their electricity in a sustainable way. Thus, this island is a pioneer in climate protection and shows in practical terms how we can jointly drive the change. You can watch the trailer for the movie here.

Join the youth conference:

The Youth Conference is the perfect place to talk about future issues and become active! Bring in your wishes and discuss with others about the environment, nutrition, consumption, mobility and living. Click here to register for the youth conference at “Freiburg stimmt ein”.