Greenmotions on the run for the participatory budget of the City of Freiburg!

Basic funding for the greenest film festival in Freiburg: GREENMOTIONS

We have applied for municipal funding from the city of Freiburg in order to obtain financial support for our future work and build solid foundations for our festival.

With basic funding of 10,700 euros by the city of Freiburg, we can create 3 mini-jobs over a period of 6 months for the coordination of the festival. This support gives us the security to put the festival into place annually. In addition, the eligibility for such money share constitutes a seal of quality to promote other sponsors and thus facilitates our fundraising work.

The Greenmotions Film Festival wants to open your eyes, create awareness, move and inspire action! It is the only green film festival in the region and thus makes a significant contribution to the diversity in the cultural landscape of Freiburg!

Support us now with your voice:

Freiburg offers its citizens the opportunity to participate in the budget negotiations. Through the online-platform, everybody can vote for which projects the city should spend money.

From now until January 27th you have the chance to vote and support the Festival.

Who wants to participate must register once with an email address:;jsessionid=33E4D9ACAA7763FEFC8EB03711D054C2.liveWorker1

Our project is listed under “Culture” or can be * liked * and commented here.

Many Thanks! We are happy about every vote!