Economizing in times of climate change – Greenmotions Special Topic

The past years have clearly shown that climate change is already in full swing. In order to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius, a number of economic solutions have been proposed. Do we need a profound structural change towards a post-growth and „Gemeinwohl“ – economy? Are ecology and wealth at odds with each other? Or is an economic model possible that is not based on overexploitation while allowing  a growth “with nature”?

Can technical innovation solve our environmental problems? In short, how can a transformation to a sustainable economic model succeed?

As part of the Greenmotions Film Festival’s Special Topic „Green Growth or De-growth“, we will be screening three films accompanied by live discussions and a Q & A. All events take place in the Kommunales Kino (The old Wiehrebahnhof) Urachstr. 40, 79102, Freiburg.

The series at a glance:

Film 1: SYSTEM ERROR ‚What is the end of capitalism?‘
Director: Florian Opitz (also attending the screening)
Date & Time: 20:30 – Thursday 14 NOV 2019

Film 2: Global Thermostat
Director: Arthur Rifflet (also attending the screening)
Date & Time: 17:00 –  Friday 15 NOV 2019

Film 3: The Time, the Earth & Us
Directors: Annina Luginbühl and Thibaut Ras (also attending the screening)
Date & Time: 18:30 – Friday 15 NOV 2019

Expert-discussion on post-growth economy and a sustainable climate policy:
16:00 Saturday 16 NOV 2019
Guests: Nina Treu (Konzeptwerk Berlin) and Ulrich Martin Drescher (UnternehmensGrün – Bundesverband der grünen Wirtschaft); Moderation: Gerolf Hanke