Call for submissions 2022


Women – Activism – Environment

Dear filmmakers,

Greenmotions inspires and encourages people to take active participation in the transition towards a regenerative culture in which humanity harmonises with the rest of the natural world.

For a lot of us there seems to be a gap between this vision and the reality of our daily lives. And that’s where your films come in.
We screen solution-oriented, constructive and empowering films dealing with the environment and beyond: consciousness | mindfulness | psychology | sociology | art.

Selected inspiring documentaries/feature films (20-120 minutes) will be screened at the festival along with the best short films (up to 20 minutes) from our international short film competition. All necessary information for submitting your work to our festival and our terms of conditions for the competition can be found here.

Along with the inspiring feature and short films under the general theme ‘Beyond sustainability’, we have a yearly prize for the special topic:

2022 TOPIC: ‘Women – Activism – Environment’

Around the world, patriarchal structures have long impeded women’s access to environmental decision-making and legislation. However, in recent decades, many international movements are demanding a voice in environmental policy-making while building inspiring and influential global networks. Women and young people are increasingly represented in leading climate activist initiatives and demand their right to influence climate policy and justice, gender and the future of our world.

Global climate & environmental movements are urging decision-makers in the Global North to take responsibility for the impacts of warming. At the same time, the unequal distribution of the consequences of climate change and land degradation in countries and island states of the Global South are directly noticeable through more intense drought and heavy precipitation events, as well as sea level rise, whereby pre-existing conflicts are also indirectly fueled. People who belong to marginalized and socio-economically disadvantaged groups, especially women, or FLINTA*, suffer notably from this.

The Greenmotions Filmfestival dedicates this year’s special topic to all FLINTA* pioneers, key persons, committed and courageous people who stand up for environmental protection, climate justice and feminism.

Dear Filmmakers: We invite you to share your empowerment stories with us and tell them at the Greenmotions Edition 2022! Surprise us!

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