Das sind wir

Lucas Lücken
“Hi it’s me, Lucas. After a few semesters of Arts, Media & Politics in my hometown in northern Germany I switched to Creative Conception in Hamburg and Vienna, Austria. Today I am working here in Freiburg for a NGO with focus on sustainability.”
What is your role?

“To see more than one aspect of the festival, I try to contribute to different roles in Greenmotions. My main tasks are graphic design support and film selection.”

Why Greenmotions?

“I’m interested in films since I was a little boy. After engine driver and zoologist, director of films was my next dream job and I went to film theatres quite often. With Greenmotions, I can work with films from another perspective – and it is a lot of fun!”

“I’m Alessia and I’m finishing my medicine studies at the University of Freiburg.”
What is your role?

I’m one of the new members, so I’m trying to learn different tasks. I’ve been responsible for the communication with the filmmakers, program organization, film selection and volunteer coordination.”

Why Greenmotions?

I’ve always been interested in environmental issues, ecology and sustainability, so I looked for a project I could have an active role in. I find cinema a valid and emotionally impacting instrument to transmit messages to people. So see you by the screen!

Sonja Menges
“Ich habe “Waldwirtschaft und Umwelt” an der Universität Freiburg studiert.”
Was ist deine Rolle?

“Vor fünf Jahren begann ich als freiwillige Helferin auf dem Greenmotions Filmfestival, integrierte mich ins Organisationsteam und arbeitete drei Jahre lang in halbjährigen Minijobs für das Festival. Als Kassenwärtin beschäftige ich mich vor allem mit den Bereichen Buchhaltung,  Finanzen und Fundraising.

Warum Greenmotions?

“Motivation und Inspiration unter den Teammitglieder*innen, sowie der Mut zu Wandel und Veränderung macht die Arbeit an dem Projekt faszinierend und lässt jedes Jahr ein kreatives Filmfestival entstehen. Das Medium Film ist ein starkes Instrument um die Geschichten von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt zu verbinden, ökologische Probleme zu adressieren und Lösungen zu komplexen Zusammenhängen zu finden.”

 Julie Elbert

“Ich habe an der Universität Trier Umweltwissenschaften studiert und am Oeschger Center in Bern über Klimawissenschaften promoviert. Als Mutter setze ich mich für eine gerechtere Zukunft ein und erprobe täglich einen Nachhaltigen Lebensstil mit zwei Kindern.”

Was ist deine Rolle?

“Als Gründungsmitglied des Vereins koordiniere ich die Programmauswahl und behalte den Überblick über das Projekt.

Warum Greenmotions?

“Bewegte Bilder faszinieren mich seit meinem ersten Kinobesuch. Mit meiner Passion für Kurzfilme kam ich 2015 zu Greenmotions um das Kurzfilmprogramm zu organisieren. Mittlerweile bin ich auch an der Langfilm-Programmauswahl beteiligt. Seit dem ich “A Plastic Ocean” von Craig Leeson gesehen habe versuche ich Plastik wo es geht zu vermeiden.
Außerdem ist es mein Anliegen das Greenmotions Filmfestival als langfristige Institution in Freiburg zu etablieren.”

Radwan Sabri
“Currently enrolled at the University of Freiburg studying Forestry & Hydrology.”
What is your role?
“I joined the core team in 2017 and have been managing different tasks. From translating, poster design, volunteer coordination to moderation and general event management. 

Currently, I am one of the mini-jobbers for Greenmotions and intend to continue learning and contributing to our group.”

Why Greenmotions?

“I attended my first Greenmotions event two years ago and stayed for three movies in a row. I was and still am very inspired by the content we show, the effect it has on the audience and the engagement of everyone attending to work together for a bright future.
The concept and vision behind Greenmotions is an embodiment of what I would like to achieve in my personal life. Going beyond sustainability!”

Lodovica Di Deodato

“I am a graduate in renewable energies and management, passionate about sustainability and communication.”

What is your role?

“I am responsible for the communication of Greenmotions and have been covering a more coordinating role in the past 2 years. I also take care of the organisation of side events during the festival like the bicycle disco.

Why Greenmotions?

” Because it allows me to experiment and develop my creative side while making a good impact on society”

Lorenzo Gumier

“Roads?! Where we are going we don’t need roads!”
Lorenzo, passionate engineer with a pechant for story telling, combines his enthusiasm for sustainable development with a good deal of pragmatism gained over years of international experience in the energy field. Currently he works as an asset manager for Wind- and hydropower plants spread all over Europe. When he has time off, he can be spotted climbing mountains with his faithfull bike or travelling in search for good stories to tell.

What is your role?

“Mostly active in the program design and film selection”

Why Greenmotions?

“Greenmotions is the ideal opportunity to share my interest for the topic with other like-minded people and a valuable means to support environmental, social education by reaching out a larger audience.”

Vinay Narayan Hegde

I am Vinay and I did my Master of Science degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management at the University of Freiburg.

What is your role?

I am a part of the program team and communication team. Taking care of Facebook posts and program coordination. I joined Greenmotions as a volunteer in 2017

Why Greenmotions?

I believe in educating the people about climate change, sustainability and lifestyle towards greener future. Greenmotions does a similar thing. The team consists of highly motivated and enthusiastic team members. It is fun to work together with similar mindset people with a single goal “Sustainable Future for all”.

Gizem Erdoğmuş 

“I am Gizem and I studied MSc. Renewable Energy Engineering and Management at Uni Freiburg.”

What is your role?

“I am responsible for financials of Greenmotions but also I am a part of the program team. I joined as a volunteer in 2015 and I am still enjoying very much being a part of the team.”

Why Greenmotions?

“First of all Greenmotions team is consist of highly motivated, positive, passionate people about a better future for all. When we come together we cannot stop talking, laughing, discussing and producing new ideas. But of course, I also love the vision and mission of the organization. It represents my personal passion and aim in life is to spread the knowledge and motivation of doing our best to leave a better future for our children.”

The Greenmotions Family

The Greenmotions film festival has a story that started in 2014. Since then the team has evolved. Some of the members left, some new ones came, some of them had to reduce their contribution because of developing their own projects, work somewhere else or because of time constraints! However, all of these people have made a great impact and are still engaged and supportive! here we want to dedicate them a special corner and thank them for what they have done!

Daniela Schaffart

Ela, has played a central role in the Greenmotions organisations from 2015 until 2017 edition. She has 10 years of experience in making movies and after her engagement with the greenmotions and watching numerous movies about sustainable living she decided to really embrace a new minimalistic lifestyle approach. Even though her time dedicated to the organisation has decreased she still contributes to the creation of the programme and participates in our kick-off meeting helping us to stay in focus and take a moment to reflect on our objectives and visions every year. She also takes part in the festival with moderations and documenting our event with photos and video-recording.

Peter Rinker

Peter is a co-founder of the Greenmotions e.V. He has been active from 2015 as responsible for the finance of the association and advisor in the event management given his professional experience in the field.  He is still engaged with the team and contributes every year during the festival with moderations, press and logistics.

Dr Georg Loeser

George is a freelance energy ecologist who has literally dedicated his life to the promotion of a sustainable society. He is currently chairman of the charitable organisation ECOtrinova which consistently sponsors one of the prizes for the film competition. The organisation benefits from his great experience in fundraising and decennial practice of environmental activism. With his commitment, he is an example for all of us.

Jonathan Niessen

As Co-founder of the Greenmotions e.V. With his great experience in supporting start-ups at Grünhof played a big role in the foundation of the association. He is primarily concerned with marketing and finding sponsors. He is still engaged with the organisation and follows the evolution of the association and always support the festival. Thanks to him, the Greenmotions team was able to have a meeting room in the Grünhof co-working space when we still did not have an office!

Claudia Sutardhio

She was part of the coordination team of the Greenstorming Film Festival 2014 (precursor of the Greenmotions Film Festival) and joined back to Greenmotions Film Festival in 2017 in the program team. Thanks to her and her sister Cindy we are able to have a new design for our posters and flyers every year!

Lotus Shaheen
“Lotus hat im schönen Freiburg Renewable Energy Engineering & Management studiert, wo sie auch viel über Nachhaltigkeit gelernt hat. Trotz ihres technischen Fachwissens findet sie ihre Inspiration in künstlerischen und sozialen Initiativen und sucht nach Möglichkeiten, wo ihr beruflicher Hintergrund mit ihren persönlichen Interessen die Straßen kreuzt. So war es auch bei Greenmotions!”
What is your role?

“Vorbereiten von geschriebenen Inhalten wie Newslettern und Medienposts, Unterstützung bei der Team-/Aufgabenoptimierung, Lernen von allen anderen und Ansehen vieler Filme :)”

Why Greenmotions?

“Greenmotions war eng mit meinem Studiengang verbunden. Zuerst fing es damit an, Freunden durch freiwillige Mitarbeit bei der Hauptveranstaltung des Festivals zu helfen. Dann habe ich viele verschiedene Filme aus aller Welt über grüne Energie, Nachhaltigkeit, Biodiversität und sogar Geschlechtergleichstellung gesehen. Mich faszinierte die Vielfalt der Programme und die stark wachsende Kurve des Festivals Jahr für Jahr. Nach meinem Abschluss wollte ich mehr Zeit und Leidenschaft in dieses tolle Team investieren. Und ich wurde herzlich eingeladen, ein aktiveres Teammitglied zu sein.”

Luis Miguel Diazgranados

He was part of the coordination team of the Greenstorming Film Festival 2014  (Precusor of the Greenmotions Film Festival). He is also a co-founder of the Greenmotions e.V. and was responsible for the programme team until 2016 when he had to leave to come back to Colombia. He is still helping the team in the submission process and keep engaged in the cause of promoting sustainability using documentaries as a media. He is thinking to export the Greenmotions concept to his own home town Bogotà!

Lee Michael Buchsbaum

Michael is a veteran photojournalist and editor who has been covering industrial, mining, transportation, environmental, agricultural and energy related subjects worldwide since the 1990s. He joined the team in 2016 and played a fundamental role in the programme team by bringing in movies produced by some directors that are in his circle making such content available for the first time in Germany. He also coordinated the jury prize in the 2017 edition and is still supporting the team with the movies selection.

Lena Lungstrass

Lena joined Greenmotions in 2016 and was very active in the programme team. She also had great marketing ideas! She is still engaged and supports the greenmotions team!