Bicycle Energy@ Greenmotions Filmfestival Freiburg

This year in November, as a part of Greenmotions Filmfestival once again several energy from bicycle events took place with the cooperation of KLAK/Solare Zukunft e.V.

It started with the events in two schools. On Friday 09.11.2018, we were invited to the Goethe-Gymnasium. In three rounds, the 8th grades produced the energy for the bicycle-cinema with their own muscle power. The other classes were also there as the audiences. There was a big interest towards bicycles, even the other classes wanted to be the energy producers.  On Monday 12.11.18 we visited the Evangelische Montessori School. In this event, the students from 5th to 10th grades joined the event in three bicycle-cinema rounds. There, the students also used their own muscles to produce the energy for the whole system. Even the younger 5th and 6th grades were not scared from the size of the bikes and pedaled diligently.

For the schools, Greenmotions team prepared a short movie program from the international short movie competition. At the end of every round, the students voted for the best movie. The screened movies were; “Big Boom“, an animation about the story of the earth, “„Fessengau”, a rap music video clip from Zweierpasch against the nuclear powerplant Fessenheim, “Unterwasserwelten Camp”, a documentary about a Freiburg project, which combines scuba diving with water protection, „Auf großem Fuß“, a film about the ecological footprint and „Leipzig verkauft Brötchen“, the film about the bakery selling the previous day products. The winner film was without a doubt „Unterwasserwelten Camp“.

The actual festival took place between 15th and 18th of November. On Friday evening, the visitors were invited to the afterparty in ArTik/freizeichen, which was organized with the cooperation with Kopfkino. Until the late night, the electricity for the sound and light systems was produced by the party enthusiasts on 7 bicycles accompanied with the exclusive beats of Kopfkino DJs. The atmosphere was great and the switch from dancing to cycling was very good. For the first time, a surplus energy produced by the cyclers. After 4:30 in the morning, the System was automatically switched off, because the battery was 100% charged and could not take up more electrical energy. A camera team from SWR was at the event and reported in the regional news about the “only sustainable techno party of Freiburg”

As the conclusion of Bicycle Energy@Greenmotions-Action, on Sunday morning the film „The End of Meat – Eine Welt ohne Fleisch” from Marc Pierschel was screened at bicycle-cinema in the Katholische Akademie. Also there, the electricity was produced by the audiences, even though not all the places was occupied.

The cooperation with the festival this year was already the fourth time. Like the previous years, it was again fruitful, energetic, funny and constructive. Thank you for the great Greenmotions and Kopfkino Team for the good collaboration.

This text was written by Paula Vollmer from Solare Zukunft and published here for the first time (German).